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Diabetics are not the only ones to suffer foot pain, people with arthritis are also prone to foot pain. Due to the fact that the foot has 33 joints, it is especially prone to arthritis. Arthritis is characterized by the inflammation and swelling of the cartilage and lining of the joints, and often includes an increase of joint fluid. Walking and moving is often extremely difficult for those with arthritis foot pain. Flexcin is an affordable and natural solution for many people suffering from foot pain or loss of mobility. There are no harmful side effects associated with Flexcin. This is an incredibly good product. I am not being paid to endorse this. I love the product. I felt that it was a good thing to let the manufacturer know how happy I was with the product and how our patients are happy with it, and I would tell anybody that this is the right thing for them. I wear Orthotics in my shoes every day. The fact is that they've changed the way I live. I always thought the pain in my feet and legs were because I was overweight. I now walk and exercise more with comfort and with much less pain. According to the Society of Chiropodists and Podiatrists, painful foot problems may be inherited, develop from illnesses during middle age or result from the pressure of ill-fitting shoes. Foot conditions and symptoms vary in severity, but most can be treated using a conservative approach. Foot and ankle health is important, as foot structure and function affect the other joints of the lower extremity and spine. Common, painful foot conditions include plantar fasciosis, Morton's neuroma and tarsal tunnel syndrome. Plantar Fasciosis Again, I am not a doctor of any type of fitness professional. This is just what I have found works for me so I thought I would share. After choosing the right type of shoe, get one that fits well. Try on shoes later in the day when your feet are likely to be more swollen to make sure your new shoes accommodate you. Try on both shoes and walk around in them. Have a professional measure your foot to help you find the best size, especially if you haven't measured your foot in a few years. Sit with your leg straight and wrap a long towel around theĀ arch of the foot. Gently pull the towel so you feel a stretch in your Achilles and the arch. Hold for 20 seconds and repeat for three total sets.foot pain top Clawfoot and Abnormally High Arches. Clawfoot, or pes cavus, is a deformity of the foot marked by very high arches and very long toes. Clawfoot is a hereditary condition, but it can also occur when muscles in the foot contract or become unbalanced due to nerve or muscle disorders. An overly high arch (hollow foot), in general, can cause problems. Army studies have found that recruits with the highest arches have the most lower-limb injuries and that flat-footed recruits have the least. Contrary to the general impression, the hollow foot is much more common than the flat foot. A warm shower or bath may help at the onset of the symptoms. If you are not able to take a shower, try putting a cool compress on your head. Sit quietly in a darkened room. This will help ease light or noise sensitivity as well as nausea. A face massage can ease the headache pain and stimulate blood circulation. A warm foot soak is also good for blood circulation. Bay - There have been some doctors who recommend taking feverfew with bay to prevent a migraine headache. You can often find a combination of these herbs at most health food stores. Insteadof sitting down and putting your feet just a little higher, try lying flat onthe floor with your feet up on the sofa or a bed, for up to half an hour. Thiswill more quickly slow the blood flow to your feet and clear the lymph nodes.It will also help with back pain, lying flat on a hard surface. This time, to eat! Not for soaking feet but for eating, fresh asparagus steamedor cooked lightly, is a natural diuretic, will flush out fluids and helpprevent sore feet. Takea small plastic bottle, like a mineral water bottle, fill it with water andfreeze until almost solid, but still pliable. Using plain old water may just be enough to relieve the pain from varicose veins. Water can not only relieve the pain from varicose veins but it might also slow down the development of them. To use water as a home remedy for foot pain, dip your feet in hot water for two minutes but be careful it is not too hot. Do the same with cold water for fifteen seconds and alternate between the two for fifteen minutes. We need to take care of our feet and natural ways to do so are a good idea because they are easy, good for us, and inexpensive.foot pain after running